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The America Times is a game where you manage a newspaper during the presidential term of Kennedy, between 1961 and 64 (although Kennedy gets assassinated in 1963). You have to write newspaper articles about the biggest events of the day and keep your newspaper afloat while trying to expand and grow: at the end of your game, you get a score for how well you did. Purchase journalists, pick which articles you write about wisely and explore some of the most tumultuous years in world history: including the Cuban Missile Crisis, The Rise of the Berlin Wall and Kennedy's Own Assassination

Music Credits: Hugh Contini, "Sandu", "Dewey Square". Available via the Free Music Archive


the america times.zip 45 MB


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First up: This is lovely and reminds me of the Watergate-boardgame.

Secondly: The twitter-link on your itch page leads to nowhere and should probably point to @VinlandToVolga ?

Take care!


thanks for the feedback. Yeah, @VinlandToVolga